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The Torment Of Trian

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Poems by Sharn The White                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Love With No Boundaries
Long blue hair bekons to me
This is not a fantasy
Beauty stings me like a bee
She truly has mastery
My will crumbles like flour
My whole mind turns upside down
Her love could now empower
My soul to win over a town
She holds my heart in her hand
I will do what she commands
Betray all within the land
Love throws out all its demands
My mind screams this is madness
My heart defys common sense
In a shower of sadness
All of my troubles condense
What will my love ask me next
Perhaps death of innocence
When did life get so complex
So much for any penance

Too Long Parted
Riding with my companions
My eye see's with new light
We've traveled through some canyons
Because the Prince took flight
The journey's gone on for many days
I wonder if she's well
Sometimes her visage passes my gaze
My love and dear Raederelle
Her locket rests upon my neck
Remembrance of her love
How much longer is this trek
I long to see my dove
Minutes, hours, days, weeks
I want to hold her face
To carress one of her cheeks
I long for her embrace
Night has fallen and I am beat
Where has that lord gone
I want to be now with my sweet
Before the light of dawn

I'd Do It Again
Breaking the Oath against my friend
Has shown me a new light
Nothing I can say will mend
The wrong I did that knight
Was it worth the sacrifice
To see my one true love
It came at such a nasty price
To see her who I dream of
In the end I'd do it again
With triple the curse upon my life
Though Oathbreaking may be a bane
For her love I'll endure this strife

Love Questioned
We lay in bed all through the night
Letting time pass on by
She asked me if my heart would take flight
Inside me echo'd a painful sigh
Have I not shown my love properly
Has my love not poured forth
I told her there could be no other
My love was her's henceforth
Perhaps she does not quite believe me
For my word has not held true
My heart is the one that will always agreee
And tell her I love her through and through
It may be time to swear the oath
The one that is for love
Oath of truehearts for us both
So on our shoulders might rest a dove

Confusion To Conclusion
A suggestion did I ask my love
To see what she would think thereof
Her answer frizzled my mind
But then all the pieces combined
The wounds that my love received
Explains the reason for her to deceive
While speaking of me to her king
His fury broke its string
What he did I cannot forget
What he did he will regret
The untruth she's been telling me
Fills my soul with utter glee
It speaks of the love we both share
For me there's no pain she wouldn't bare
By lieing to me she tries to protect
My life from becoming totally wrecked
Her lies to me are so sweet
It proves that our love is now complete

The sweet cold metal in my grasp
The thin sharp cut of the blade
My hands slowly and carefully clasp
Around the weapon Powersmiths made
Here's a weapon that won't be taken
Even if King's make the demand
It's for this I have forsaken
Many a given command
This weapon is forever mine
Despite what it's makers say
It must of taken long to refine
This blade I use to slay
These High One's they can try
To take the sword of earth
But I would sooner die
And come back in my rebirth
Then have another hold my sword
And let them use its bite
We'll see if the Smiths can afford
To feel the wrath of Sharn The White

The Price
No more gesa upon my sword
And now I received a great reward
The power of mine enemies to slay
Is mine until my dying day
But what have I done
What have I begun
I thought my heart would be rejoicing
And that all the hills would be voicing
The joy of finally taking them off
But it ends with a bloody cough
So why have I done
What cannot be undone
I should be dancing with all my might
Except there's a sin I commited tonight
I took off her head with one small stroke
Then emptyness consumed me inside of its cloak
Though I am happy my sword is now free
The cost that I paid isn't even to me
There's a piece of my heart
That's been torn apart
And I look at my friends
Through my now greenish lens
Do they see what I've done
To the innocent one
What price has been paid
For the love of my blade

House Lost
I stood there staring at the fountaining blood
As it rained on the floor in a crimsoning flood
And my soul dropped away from mind
As my motives became misaligned
I had slain a girl who was almost my spouse
And betrayed a mighty and glorious house
For what have I strove for and yearned all these days
Was it to just change my once worthy ways
The morals that I fight for and want to uphold
Have slowly begun to be covered in mold
It took me a while to properly reflect
That I've lost my house and much self-respect
My house that I love with all of my heart
Has left me alone and set me apart
I don't blame it for this horrible scorn
I feel as if I'm not even noble born

The Two Paths
The choice to make was hard to see
Two paths were set down before me
One has light, the other has dark
But on the dark path did I embark
And what reward was I given
And how can I ever be forgiven
I chose darkness instead of light
The path that leads to eternal night
I want to go back to what I once was
I want to do right without any pause
But now it's to late to find my way back
From every side all I see is pitch black
Where is the light path I once walked beside
I lost sight of it when I turned aside
I run and I run to find that light path
But all I can find is a pitchest black bath
In which I have bathed more than one time
I lay there in darkness and decaying slime
Realizing I'm empty and dead deep within
But wait, in the distance I hear a violin
It plays a long tune that I've heard once before
That pulls away the darkness more and more
I spend lots of time listening to its sweet sound
And in it's sweet music I make a rebound
That light path that I once couldn't see
Ripped itself out and was shown unto me
I fell on the path and I held it tight
But darkness was ready for a second blight
Releasing the light I stood up and looked round
For away and far off I heard a familiar sound
The darkness that still had a hold on my heart
Obscured the light path and broke it apart
I rushed to the dark path with tears in my eyes
As the broken light path gave mournful loud cries
I stumbled and fell into the darks grasp
And from me arose a horrible gasp
For I turned back to where I had once seen light
I saw a Sidhe filled with sheer delight
It laughed and it joked as the light got snuffed out
It steeled itself cold inside and without
I fell to my knee's as the other Sidhe came
And looked down at me frowning with shame
You did it yourself said this white Sidhe
If you wanted light then why'd you chose me
I stared at the Sidhe unsure what to say
And slowly the image faded away
It was me that stood there and destroyed the light
And my heart slowly withered and was taken with fright
I've taken the dark path forever it seems
But sometimes when I have my deepest dreams
My mind begins to wander and flee from the dark
Searching for a new path on which to embark
And I hear the violin's tune in the far distance
Causing a vague rememberance of lights bright existence

Darkness To Destroy
Come up yon shadows from the dark
Twist, twine, twirl and ark
Plague the soul of those around me
And drown them in your cold black sea
Darkness heed my empowered call
Grant me this power to maul
Those who stand before me now
I'll smash and crush and through them plough
Grind their souls into fine soot
Crush them together under our foot
Oh darkness that I now control
You'll help me to reach my goal
Destruction of that hated house
With one black spell we will douse
Every one of this unworthy Fae
Let darkness consume them on that day

Darkness To Destroy
Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy!
When will I see an end to thee?!
You go on and on and on and on!
From moon's wane to break of dawn!
Where the Fae are you leading us?!
You're full of riddles we cannot guess!
I'd like to burn you up in flames!
I'd like to laugh and call you names!
But it's probably already been told in your text!
You're entire existence seems just to perplex!
You sing a song that's full of gibberish!
Worse than the tongue of a drunken Irish!
I can't understand your riddled words!
These blasted prophecies are for the birds!

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