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Iridescence Sheet


Iridescence's Friends:

Name: Mio Akiyama
Age: 22
Personality Traits: Cautious, Truthful, & Plesant.
Life Motto: Break family tradition, but don't break what isn't broken.
College Major: Business Management
Favorite Instrument: Bass
History: Mio came over from Japan as a High School exchange student with Yui,
and stayed to continue college. She met Iridescence at a club and hit it off
singing karaoke together. The three of them will often get together to watch anime,
netflix, or jam on their instruments to relax.

Name: Yui Hirasawa
Age: 22
Personality Traits: Friendly, Trusting, & Gullible.
Life Motto: Be original, even if it means being eccentric.
College Major: Taking lots of classes...
Favorite Instrument: Guitar
History: Yui came over from Japan with Mio and met Iridescence at the same club,
singing karaoke! Yui has no idea what her plans are in life or where she's going
to go next, but is going to continue college despite her failing grades and not
having any idea what to major in. She's kind of on airhead, but is very kind and
is a guitar playing prodigy.

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